Today, especially in business life, appearance has become much more effective than in the past.

Hair loss, which is more common in men, is sometimes at peace with people. prevents them from being. Hair transplantation developed as an effective solution to this problem, People whose hair has been shed by shedding, regenerate their hair naturally and permanently. It is the way to regain in a healthy way by winning.

Genetics as the most important cause of hair loss in men constitute factors. In addition to this, such as stress and anger, irregular diet For reasons, the person's hair may fall out.

The area where the hair is shed, on the person's head, which is the least shed part Due to the transplantation with the roots to be taken from the upper part of the neck, the person It has regained its original form.

Hair transplantation is a long and serious procedure.

The operation may vary depending on the condition of the person, sometimes in one session, sometimes it is completed in two sessions. After the person decides to have a hair transplant First of all, the necessary analyzes are made and then the operation process begins.

However, there are certain principles to be considered regarding health in this period. The most important two of these are the person starting at least one week before the hair transplant procedure, Avoid harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking.

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