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The center pinion is moved by a continuous flow of energy that starts at the barrel. The center wheel, in turn drives the third wheel through the third pinion. The fourth wheel is fixed, as it cannot be moved. The balance wheel assembly and escapement assembly is mounted on the fourth gear, so as it moves, the assembly moves along with it.

The escapement pinion moves around the fixed fourth wheel as the fourth pinion urges the assembly to move. The movement generated by the escape wheel makes the balance wheel oscillate,Best Replica Watches regulating energy dissipation throughout the entire train. The interaction between the escapement wheel and the fourth wheel is what allows the balance wheel to be able rotate.

To apply this to the Calibre, we must start by looking at the two barrels inside the watch. They each drive their own trains that lead to the fourth wheel, which is the stationary one on which the tourbillon cages rest.

Two independent trains of motion are assembled in the middle of the movement around a differential system. Two wheels connect the independent trains directly to the differential system from the barrel.

Dual Going Train & Differential System of the Calibre588

The differential system compensates for any deviations in the oscillation rate of the independent regulator organs.Blancpain Replica The time displayed on the face of the watch is averaged over the entire power reserve cycle.

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